Cyclee – Bike Light, Projector & App


Creative design showcase has an interesting cycling related concept on display.

Elnur Babayev in Baku, Azerbaijan, has designed a product called “Cyclee”, which is a combination of bike light, projector and mobile phone app. The product mounts on the saddle post so it is behind the saddle and the cyclist and above the wheel, and mudguard and rack if fitted.

The app can then be configured to produce custom signs, which are communicated to the projector wirelessly, and the projector duly projects them, using the cycling jersey or jacket as a screen on which to display the messages to motorists following behind.

While I welcome anything which makes cyclists safer by getting drivers to actually see us (and avoid the all too frequent SMIDSY –“sorry mate I didn’t see you”), I’m not certain that I want to spend time selecting the display message while out cycling. Also, I always seem to struggle to find space on my handlebars. I regularly have a bar bag in situ, plus an extension bar for to front lights below the bar bag – one to see with and one to be seen by – and my Garmin. Not sure that I’d get the smartphone on there as well!

cyclee bike light projectorBeing a gadget geek, I’d be interested to try this, but I imagine that if I continued to use it, I’d select a constant image, such as the bicycle icon.

More information is available by emailing Elnur Babayev



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