Cycling Helmets Get Wearable


Over the weekend, we mentioned a wearable power meter that fits on to your cycling shoes. Here’s a different wearable approach: A “wearable” bike helmet. (OK, I know – what else do you do with a bike helmet but wear it?!)

Israeli company LifeBEAM produces what they term “enhanced sensing technology” which accurately measure performance, including heart rate and calorie consumption, and package this into an interchangeable connectivity box that is small enough to go either into a bike helmet ora bio-sensing smart hat. They have announced a cooperation with helmet manufacturer Lazer Sport, who incorporate this technology in their next generation bike helmets – the Wasp, Z1, Blade and Magma models which are available this season, as part of their ongoing supply of helmets for cycling, snow sports and skateboarding.

“LifeBEAM’s goal is to empower individuals to improve their health and well-being through actionable and meaningful insights,” said Omri Yoffe, founder and CEO at LifeBEAM. “This new line of helmets coupled with our extended partnership with Lazer Sports is a testament to us delivering on this goal—providing the most advanced human performance monitoring capabilities on the market.”

As the only company that provides aerospace accuracy for key vital monitoring, LifeBEAM’s smart fitness gear pushes the boundaries of the wearable revolution while remaining intuitive to users. Head protection coupled with performance monitoring, the new helmets are ideal for a wide range of sports including mountain cycling, street racing, and daily commuting — seamlessly syncing with the top fitness applications and devices via Bluetooth and Ant+ while providing more than 15 hours of battery life.

I am far from being a top athlete or cyclist, but am enough of a geek to have used heart rate monitors for several years now. I can see a key advantage in the LifeBEAM approach in eliminating the need to cycle with a chest strap that can cause chaffing and also, at times, spotty connectivity.

LifeBEAM also say that their bio-sensors are easily integrated into everyday wearables such as helmets, hats, visors and fitness textiles that are already in use during physical activities.

The wearable revolution is with us and gaining ground by the month.


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