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Several weeks ago we were sent some samples of a cycling helmet liner called Drybrow, designed “to protect cyclists’ vision from sweat and goggle-fog”. It was only when getting ready for a ride on what turned out to be the hottest day so far this year that I at last got round to trying one of these out.

Over the years I have replaced several helmets because the old one had been sweated in so much and so often that even a gentle wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions hadn’t got rid of the typical dried sweat smell.

And there have also been numerous occasions when I have stopped for the all important coffee stop (not to mention the accompanying cake!) only to find the helmet (and in winter the under helmet hat) sweaty and not so pleasant to put back on.

The Drybrow was easy to install using the adhesive strip on the rear and comfortable in use, and really did act in its advertised super absorbent way. Despite the day’s heat and my usual sweaty reaction to some hills, I didn’t experience any problems with sweat running into my eyes.

When I mentioned the product to some of my fellow coffee stop visitors, none had noticed the liner, so it really is inconspicuous inside the helmet.

With an online retail price of £6.99 for 10, these cycling helmet liners are not going to break the bank, and can be rapidly disposed of and replaced after a ride.

Drybrow was founded by sports enthusiast Charlotte Barrow after years of first hand experience of dealing with sweaty, uncomfortable sports headware. It’s a good thing that she embarked on finding a solution to the problem and Drybrow was born.


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