Cycling on Paths Allowed in Australia


Gabrielle Knowles has reported in “The West Australian” that cyclists of all ages are – as of today – allowed to ride on footpaths in Western Australia, which brings that State into line with all the others across the country.

Cycling on Paths is Common Sense

Their article quotes Deputy Premier and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey as saying that the change to the Road Traffic Code is “common sense”, with the change being targeted at seniors, parents and leisure cyclists who travel at low speeds.

Even at low speeds and on a footpath, Australia’s law requiring a helmet to be worn still applies. Pedestrians and motorised wheelchair and disability scooters would have right of way and cyclists would have to ride in single file.

There could be bans on a local basis, for example outside care homes.

Is it time to “regularise” the situation in the UK, where there is a considerable amount of cycling on pavements by children and others who feel unsafe on some of our roads. Until such time as we have cycle paths everywhere, would this make sense?


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