Cycling Rain Jacket – For Legs!


Decades ago I was in the Boy Scouts and the “Be Prepared” motto stuck. So during the Autumn and Winter when I go out for a bike ride, I usually have some sort of bag on the bike: apart from a puncture repair kit for my “puncture proof tyres” (yeah, like the Titanic was unsinkable!) and some tools, I carry some basic cycling rain gear.

At this time of the year in the UK, you tend to need a cycling rain jacket, and if it is more than a few spits I often struggle into some waterproof cycling trousers. Then there is the problem of getting your cycling shoes through them, and I’m reluctant to take shoes off to ease my feet and legs into them, as I end up putting my foot down and getting a soaking wet sock.

So the idea of some “legs jackets” appeals. These have been designed specifically for this type of eventuality as cyclists (and walkers too) can easily get them on and off without removing their shoes. You simply wrap them around your waist, and there is a full length zip down the outside of your leg.You can put them on – and take them off again – in around 15 seconds, and without taking your shoes off or having to put wet or muddy shoes through the waterproof trousers.

Rumanian Valentin Nicoară moved to Denmark where the number of people cycling was a pleasant surprise but the amount of rain, and also snow, came as a shock. In that dark grey rain cloud was a silver lining, for the idea of the waterproof cycling “legs jackets” came from it. The cycling trousers are not only waterproof and windproof but breathable so the cyclist doesn’t get wet from sweat. This and the ease of getting them on and off quickly makes them ideal for commuters who need to keep trousers, socks and shoes dry, as well as for touring cyclists who get caught out in the rain.

Valentin Nicoară, co-founder and CEO of VEAR (who make these waterproof cycling trousers) explained “Rain is the number one reason people cycle less. We saw a need for high-performance rain pants with contemporary stylish design for cyclists and walkers who need to stay dry and comfortable during their commutes. In the biggest cities in the world, more and more people are biking and walking to work. It’s time for commuters to have stylish, high-performance waterproof cycling trousers that become a key part of their professional wardrobe on snowy, rainy, damp and cool days.”

Legs Jacket waterproof cycling trousers are made with special reflective features that remain black and discreet during the day, but provide 360° visibility at night. The trousers are lightweight and can be quickly folded and stored in their own back pocket and attached to a bike seat. The cycling rain jackets for your legs come in two versions: a standard one for an affordable price and a high-performance version made with the German Sympatex fabric.

Another aspect of being based in Denmark is clearly demonstrated in the philosophy of VEAR. The Danes are not just eco-friendly cyclists but eco-friendly generally. So the company has implemented a “circular economy model” to make sure that the earth’s finite resources are used wisely. The rainproof cycling trousers are designed to last a lifetime and withstand severe weather conditions, but when the user does not need the item anymore, they are encouraged to return them to VEAR, who will ensure proper recycling or refurbishment, and get a discount on their next purchase as a reward.

Features that impressed us include the easy storage in the back pocket of the trousers, the adjustable waistband, the removable shoe protectors, and the way the trousers are reinforced at stress points.

You can get a bargain on Kickstarter for this unique waterproof rain jacket – for your legs! These remarkable cycling waterproof trousers are already approaching double their funding target so should be available early in 2017.


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