Cyclists Accidents: European Action


Too many cyclists accidents take place in the UK and other countries particularly with trucks and buses not seeing cyclists in their “blind spots”. The EU Commission’s General Safety Regulation is good news to reduce such cyclists accidents.

The aim of the EU Commission is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the roads. Better visibility from the driver’s position and emergency stopping systems for cars are also on the road safety agenda of the EU.

The German cycling club ADFC was quick off the mark in calling for the rapid introduction of laws requiring electronic vehicle turning assistance to prevent these cyclists accidents.

Their chief exec Burkhard Stork said “in Germany alone there are 30 to 40 cyclists who lose their lives through trucks making turns, with over 600 cyclists accidents from HGVs turning. We believe that electronic turn assistance systems would prevent 60% of these serious accidents which gets us another step closer to Vision Zero. But we can’t wait ten years for this to happen. We need the EU’s transport commissioner to make fitting of these devices compulsory, the sooner the better.”

In the meantime, the numbers of fatal cyclists accidents due to trucks climbs relentlessly across Europe.

The early draft of the General Safety Regulation did not mention these electronic systems but lobbying by cycling groups has brought about this positive change.

The 165,000 member ADFC cycling club is now calling for German Minister for Transport to set up a Task Force to examine and implement other measures to increase cycling safety and reduce cyclists accidents.

Will the UK benefit from this European “General Safety Regulation” with whatever form of Brexit is ahead of us? Are we going to argue against red tape from Brussels and see more cyclists killed and injured? This is another instance where I would support Brussels telling us what to do if cycling becomes safer when trucks and buses are around.




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