Decathlon Cycling Jersey


Designed for advanced cyclists riding intensively, in training or in competition, and in warm weather, this Decathlon cycling jersey is visually attractive and has some great features.

Decathlon Cycling Jersey Has Good Pockets

The Decathlon cycling jersey was designed in collaboration with their technical partner, the B’Twin AG2R La Mondiale U19 team which no doubt explains some of the attention to detail. Like pretty much any cycling jersey, this one also is breathable and has the standard 3 pockets at the rear of the jersey plus one at the side, as well as one zip-up secured pocket which is described as water repellent as a safer place to put items such as your mobile phone and a wallet.

The shirt is lightweight only weighing 133g in size L and the XL we received to review is only a few grams more at 156.

The main fabric is 86% polyester (PES) and 14% Elastane, with the yoke being 100% polyester. Like many other cycling jerseys, it is washable to at 30°C.

What is The Decathlon Cycling Jersey Like to Wear?

We can’t tell you? The website describes this attractive looking cycling jersey as “Very close-fitting cut for better aerodynamics” but it is so tight fitting that the XL could also be described as “skimpy”.

Decathlon Cycling Jersey Size Chart
Decathlon Cycling Jersey Size Chart

Here is what the size guide on the Decathlon site indicates: XL fits 104-113cm / 41-44” chests which is the size I require. When done up, if you measure from armpit to armpit this particular Decathlon Cycling Jersey measures 485mm. I picked a couple of other shirts to compare: one XL from Muddyfox which came in at 575mm and another XL, this time from Aldi, at 590mm.

No wonder the Decathlon website says it is Ergonomic cut. Elasticated bands on the waist and arms. Tight-fitting.”  With the Decathlon jersey at £39.99 we would have expected a more generous fit, even if it is designed to be “aerodynamic”.

The shirt has now been passed to a more svelte cyclist to see what he thinks.

Unless you like a figure-hugging cycling jersey so you can be more aero-dynamic, we can only recommend purchasing at least 1 size larger than you would normally select.


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