Declutter Your Bike’s Handlebars


There is only so much space on your handlebars and so much to fit on them, starting with the obligatory bicycle bell we ALL have mounted, don’t we?!

Call me fussy, but for some dark local lanes I like to have one light to see with, aimed at the ground close in front of me, and one to be seenby, flashing away at approaching drivers. And it may not be racy or fast, but I often use a bar bag with a map pocket in the top – an old school “Sat Nav” (sat on my bike’s saddle, I can navigate with a map!) – as well as having my Garmin working. To fit all this on board, I have a handlebar extension for the two lights. So, where to put an action cam?

Now, I accept that you may not want all of thatgear and the weight that goes with it!

But if you would like to have a Garmin, a light, and a camera, then this sensible fitting from Australia is right up your alley. It’s called the “Duo Mount” and does just that, mounts two items – unless you go for the Fly6 or Fly12 Camera and Light combination that the same company, Cycliq, make, in which case you can mount 3 functionalities in the two products.

Already funded 3 times their funding target on Kickstarter, the Duo Mount will set you back around AUD 44 – that’s Aussie Dollars, or about £26, if you hurry to get an early bird deal, otherwise the retail will work out at £59 later. It’s made of a high-grade aluminium alloy which is particularly strong, allowing it to be light weight so does help those more interested in overall bike weight than I am. It accommodates all types of devices, such as Garmin, Cateye and Wahoo SatNavs, as well as GoPro & Garmin Virb cameras.


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