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DHL Express has deployed a Cubicycle transport bike in the Dutch town of Almere, according to a report in Unlike the 35 bikes DHL already has in its Dutch vehicle fleet, the Cubicycle can carry more parcels, and integrates better into DHL’s systems due to the removableone cubic metre container, measuring 80 x120 x 100 centimetres which is a similar footprint to a standard pallet.

The Cubicycle, filled with parcels, gets delivered to the city centre and then carries out its delivery round. The courier is riding an average of 50 km per day and delivering 125 kg of parcels.

The Cubicycle is a four-wheeler based on the innovative cargo bike Velove Armadillo. It is engineered in co-operation with Flevobike in Dronten, Netherlands, who specialise in innovative designs in recumbent bikes and a velomobile called the Orca, and Erik Svetsare AB in Sweden, who developed the container system.

To help get the bike moving, especially when fully laden, the cubicycle comes with electric pedal assist. The recumbent riding position helps the courier to propel the bike.

Kees de Lange, Vice President of Operations at DHL Express Netherlands, was quoted in the transport-online article as saying “The Cubicycle rides well and is surprisingly agile with a tight turning radius. Even with its large container, it fits well on the bike paths. Even with the height of the container, it is low enough so that other cyclists can see over it.

Councillor Mark Pol, Almere’s portfolio holder for Economic Development and Finance, symbolically handed over the Cubicycle to DHL and expressed his pleasure that DHL had chosen Almere for their first cubicyle saying “economy and sustainability go hand in hand so we welcome DHL’s initiative.

How long will it be before we see DHL using this type of cargo bike here in the UK? Will any of their competitors be jealous of the green credentials that DHL will accrue from this step and emulate them? It’s also a challenge to the typical bike courier on a fixie with a messenger bag slung over their shoulder.

Deutsche Post DHL Group have an environmental program called GoGreen, aimed at reducing their environmental impact and targetting a 30% improvement on their CO2 emissions by 2020, compared with their 2007 values. The group maintains that they have already achieved a 23% reduction. This equates to 19 million tonnes of CO2 “saved” and a reduction in their fuel bill of €6 billion. Their world wide fleet numbers 26,000 bikes which includes 9000 e-bikes or trikes.


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