Digital Signs for Parking – for Bikes!


When we talk of cycling infrastructure, here in the UK we tend to think first of the need for cycle routes as the first priority. It’s only when you then start cycling into a town or city centre that you realise that having somewhere safe and secure to park your bike is pretty important as well.

At a time when many UK towns are still waiting for dynamic signage to indicate where there are car parking spaces available, it shows just how far we lag behind the Netherlands when we see that they have digital signs showing parking spaces available for bikes!

Christine Jones, who lives in Utrecht – the Dutch cycling city that hosts the start of this year’s Tour de France in a few days time – took the photo above of the dynamic signs showing bike parking spaces available. As she says, “there’s something wonderful about living in a city with digital boards for bike parking”.

Should we get despondent that we lag so far behind? I don’t think so, as there are examples in history where those lagging behind, used the examples to realise not just what could be done but what should be done to catch up. (I’m thinking of steel production methods in the Industrial Revolution.)

Let’s take these lessons and have the ambition, and then promoteand share that ambition with our politicians to get what we need for a cycling and sustainable future.


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