Do NOT Buy A Pinarello Bike


Do not buy a Pinarello bike, at least from this online site. The old maxim about offers that are too good to be true applies!

Complaints are surfacing around the world of some fake online retailers who copy and paste other sites images and content and make unbelievably cheap offers for merchandise, which – surprise, surprise – does not get shipped.

Do Not buy a Pinarello bike from this online retailer!

Dreaming of a £14,999 Pinarello Bolide Dura Ace Di2 “Wiggo 889”. Want to save some money? How does a discounted price of just £159 sound? Including free delivery!

The company will take your money in 14 different currencies and describe the bikes on offer in 9 languages. They are really keen to sell to you and take your money.

Sound too good to be true? Absolutely.

Ads for the company pop up on Facebook, so we have to assume that it is worth their while to advertise and persuade enough people to part with cash. The prices appear stupidly low, but it’s 100% profit for these unscrupulous web merchants when they don’t hand over the product.

While we can warn you of this site today – at – there are other sites out there and it would appear that these honest web merchants move from domain to domain.

Do Not Buy A Pinarello Bike – the Warning Signs

These apply to a whole range of famous bike brands, and not just the incredible Pinarello road bikes.

The most obvious sign is the stupidly low price. 90% discounts are just not realistic. The bike trade suffers from low margins and it might be hard to find a £159 discount, let alone pay that as the total price.

Don’t buy from any website that does not use SSL for security of payment details. This site does not have SSL – which you can see from their URL which starts http, rather than https for a site with SSL.

Any reputable web retailer is going to tell you their physical address. Cheapbikes2018 do not. And if they do catch on and publish an address, use Google street view to see if they really are at that address.

A quality retailer will also publish a phone number. Cheapbikes2018 only offer a contact form. [It is worth noting that German law requires a website to provide a physical address, the name of a responsible person and the means to contact them.]

Use sites such as to see if you can find out more about the online merchant. The only information available for this company is that they are hosted at

Mistrust reviews as these can be fake as well, to convey an impression of being legitimate.

One of the few bits of Latin I remember from school: “Caveat emptor!” – Let the Buyer Beware!


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