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That’s an interesting approach, and it’s one that I think is spot on. Let me explain.

Juicy Electric Bikes were at SPIN in Manchester a few days ago and are going to be at SPIN in London 20th-22nd May. That’s not the first place that you would expect to find e-bikes.

But Sarah Wales, director at Juicy Electric Bikes, explained that “E-bikes may not be the answer for the 7% who currently cycle twice a week, but are a fresh and achievable option for the 93% who don’t. E-bikes are inclusive, enabling people to ride together regardless of ability. In a world where cyclists are typically 75% male and 25% female, we’re proud to achieve equal sales to men and women.”

We have already reported how e-bike sales are booming in mainland European countries, such as Germany, with a “park” now in excess of 2½ million e-bikes, according to ZIV, the German Bike Association and their latest figures published in March of this year. The way that this mode of transport is gaining ground and changing perceptions is important. Opinion research by Difu in Germany carried out with 6454 respondents between the ages of 18 & 65 asked an interesting question: “in the ‘city of the future’ if you are invited to a birthday celebration 5km away, how would you travel?” A stunning 47% responded that they would go by bike or e-bike, more than double the 21% who would go by car; even walkers at 6% outnumbered car sharers at 4%, while public transport came in at 22%. There really is a modal change taking place and my assumption is that it is down to the boom in e-bikes.

The more cyclists and e-cyclists there are, the more visible & therefore safer all cyclists become, and the more local and national governments have to respond to our call for more infrastructure. Also, the less the pollution from vehicle emissions that we, our children and our planet have to cope with.

For these reasons, I am delighted with Juicy’s approach and wish them well at SPIN. As Sarah says “we’ll be there for those who want a little help in making their cycling dreams a reality.”

Juicy are introducing a smaller step-through as a “go-anywhere” bike for the shorter rider, suitably named the Juicy Poco. I rather like the somewhat retro styling, in a 17” frame and 24” wheels, and with a low centre of gravity and sit up and see the world approach to cycling, like Dutch style bikes, along with the colour range.

And with her sense of humour clearly on display, Sarah added “Call it generosity. Call it bribery. Call it straight up fiscal irresponsibility – we’ll be handing out codes for our best upgrade deal ever: a free LCD display upgrade (£79), a set of our Juicy Bike double panniers (£65) and a free battery upgrade (£99). That’s over £240 worth of extras free just for showing up. What more do you want from us?”


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