e-mtb Sales Climb in Austria


E-Bike and e-mtb sales in Austria have soared in the last year with 120,474 sales which amount to a 39% increase on 2016.

The Austria trade association ARGE-Fahrrad had previously split their listings to record separate figures for e-bikes for road use and their off-road equivalent. The road models scored 53,406 in 2017, with the e-mtb figures higher at 67,968. Is that down to the number of mountains in Austria?

This means that electric assist bikes achieved a 29% share of total bike sales. And they haven’t “peaked” yet, with an assumption in the trade that they will grow to one-third of sales.

Elsewhere the VCÖ, an Austrian mobility organisation, calculated that Austria is in third place behind the Netherlands and Belgium but ahead of Germany, Denmark and Switzerland as far as e-bike market share of total bike sales is concerned. All of these levels of market penetration, whether for e-bikes or their off-road e-mountain-bike versions, show what could happen here in the UK once there is traction – and possibly government subsidies for them.

Understandably given the higher price of an e-bike or an e-mtb, the increasing level of sales of these has helped move up the average price of bikes in Austria, which Bike.EU reports being €1,054 which is up 17.1% on the previous year.

After hovering around 400,00 units for some years, overall bike sales were up to 414,000 which represents a 4% increase.

Austria has one of the most cycled stretches of long-distance cycle routes, with the “Donauradweg” (Danube bike route) or Eurovelo route 6. While many cycle from the source in Germany, many more cycle the stretch from Passau to Vienna, and of these an increasing proportion hire bikes. As cycle tourism grows across Europe, more people turn to both the e-bike and the e-mtb and it could be that hire fleets are behind some of the sales growth in Austria.


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