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My first ever panniers took such a long time to tie on to the rack on my bike that the idea of taking them off and putting them back on again when shopping or touring was something you just didn’t want to contemplate.

So quick click fastening systems would feature on my list of great inventions for cycling.

Mühlberger in Germany, who sell under the name Slide2go have a comprehensive range of fastenings and in particular a range of products that can fit on to your bike quickly and easily: not just panniers, but a variety of bags and a briefcase, front mounted traditional bike baskets, as well as being able to carry other baskets where you would normally expect to see panniers behind the saddle.

One of the items which they are displaying at the Eurobike exhibition in Friedrichshafen in Germany (trade only days from August 31st, and two general public days on the weekend of 3rd and 4th September) is an E-Bike battery in a waterproof bag, which supplies the “juice” to the bike as well as the associated data for the display via integrated connections. They even suggest that you could mount one each side on your rack, giving a radius on 1 charge of 200km – though I can’t help thinking that if I am going to travel that far I would want all of the pannier space for spare clothes etc.

While their focus is on the OEM market, it shows once again, to my mind, that e-bikes aren’t just here to stay but are increasingly part of the focus of the bike accessory market.


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