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The COMP9 collection offers EKOÏ’s best price-performance ratio for this coming winter season, adding a COMP9 DRY jacket and bibtights to the range which are 100% water repellent, perfect for cold temperatures or when it rains or snows.

Ekoï, the French brand of cycling clothing, which is distributed all over Europe and is recognised for quality and the opportunity for clients to customise what they buy,of cyclist equipment (thanks to the multiple configurators available on www.ekoi.com ), has launched its new COMP9 collection in time for Autumn and Winter riding.

It is a successor to their COMP5 and COMP7 lines, pitched as a medium-high end product with a lower price level, and they have now added to the range a jacket and bibtights, called DRY since they have been treated with a “Durable Water Repellency” (or DWR) treatment which allows the cyclist to stay both dry and warm.

The COMP9 DRY jacket is ideal when temperatures go down or close to freezing. Made with THERMO WINDTEX® (270g) fibre and with fleece padding, the jacket has a multi-panel shape for a slim-fit look while offering great comfort for your ride. The front is made of Thermo Windtex fibre for excellent protection against the wind. The extended collar features double fleece on the inside in order to isolate it against cold air, as does the zipper which is covered by a flap. The DWR water repellent surface treatment allows for usage of the jacket in the rain and in the snow without adversely affecting the highly breathable characteristics of the fibre. It also has 3 back pockets. Retail Price is €159.90.

The COMP9 DRY bib-tights are efficient against the cold at temperatures down to 0°C, as well as against rain and the snow, thanks to a fibre called LOMBARDIA MITITECH (240g) with double fleece padding on the inside and DRW treatment. On the sides and on the back, 15% elastane has been added to the matrix of the fabric increasing the comfort and efficiency during the ride. The pad, with its anatomic shape, is an EKOÏ exclusive. It has GEL cushions of medical quality with shape memory. By adapting perfectly to the anatomy of the cyclist, the GEL pad offers active and passive comfort (prevention of micro-trauma or strain injuries). What’s more, its 35 micro perforations and its ventilation canals enable a thermo regulatory effect in any situation as well as an excellent elimination of body sweat. The retail price is € 159.90.

The COMP9 DRY jacket and bibtights are completely made in Italy and are offered only in full black. The complete kit is sold as a bundle at € 249.90

Characteristics of the COMP9 DRY jacket
* THERMO WINDTEX® (270 g) frabric. The fibre integrates a technical thermal membrane that is both soft and light.
* Water repellent polymer DWR treatment to make the fibre watertight and breathable.
* Isolating zipper cover (to keep humidity and cold from entering through the zipper).
* Extended double fleece collar for protection of the neck.
* Multi-panel shape.
* 3 back pockets.
* Sizes : S > XXL

Characteristics of the COMP9 DRY bibtights
* Breathable lycra MITI TECH LOMBARDIA ® (240 g).
* 85% polyamide + 15% elastane.
* Water repellent polymer DWR® treatment to make the fibre watertight and breathable.
* Preformed multi-panel shape.
* Silicone bands and zipper on the ankles so that bibtights stay in place.
* Flat seams on the inside.
* Elastic and comfortable suspenders.
* Sizes : S > XXL


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