Electric Fat Bike for Kids Launched


Californian manufacturer Swagtron has launched an electric fat bike for kids which is a mountain bike with 20-inch wheels with 4-inch tyres.

The 4-inch tyres on the EB-6 are to provide traction in a variety of off-road surfaces, including dirt and sand, as well as snow. To keep the bike light it has an aluminium frame.

Swagtron’s Director of Marketing Jason Wakefield explained the logic behind the company bringing out his electric fat bike for young riders: “Riding bikes is a simple joy that most of us associate with childhood, but stays with many of us as adults, and e-assist is a great way to add an extra thrill to their first mountain bike and make conquering trails more accessible, helping kids to develop that life-long passion.”

Kids new to mountain biking can be discouraged by longer rides. That’s why the EB-6 is powered by a 350-watt motor that can be engaged via throttle or a “pedal to go” mode similar to pedelec, giving young riders the power to go farther. Helping them to stop safely are disk brakes front and rear. The “youth” frame has 20-inch wheels and a 20-inch top tube, so is aimed at riders 5 to 11 years old, or 4’ up to about 5’ 2” (122 – 157 cm).

This kids electric fat bike in its American format is capable of speeds up to 18.6 miles per hour (29.9 km per hour – so, higher than EU regulations) for up to 20 miles on a single charge, but can also be pedalled in traditional fashion without the e-assist.

Front and rear disc brakes and a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain round out the trail-ready build on this electric fat bike for kids.

And just in case these young riders have a smartphone, there is a USB charging port to power devices on the go. The battery is lockable to deter theft and can also be removed to charger indoors or swapped with a fresh one (sold separately) to keep the good times rolling.  The manufacturer’s recommended selling price in the US is $839.98 or around £625 (prior to freight and duty).

Swagtron has risen to a prominent position for “electric rideables” which include bikes, scooters, and hoverboards.



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