Embacher Bike Collection to be Auctioned


Viennese architect Michael Embacher collected over 200 vintage bicycles in one of the most significant and exciting bicycle collections in the world, which has been exhibited in places as far apart as the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, and the Design Museum in Tel Aviv. And now the Embacher collection is going to be auctioned in the Dorotheum auction house in Vienna on 19th May 2015.

The auction includes the Funiculo bicycle designed by Jacques Schulz in 1937. There are only three of them left worldwide; the one up for auction in the Dorotheum is the only still ride-able example. Similarly exclusive is the Italian Skoot bike, which can be converted into suitcase form, including carrying handle. The German Köthke tandem from 1948 is of such outstanding quality that the frame produced in Cologne was ridden in international races by the world’s best professional cyclists. All the items in the auction are ready to ride. The starting prices of the individual bicycles range from 100 to 7,000 euros.

The bicycles are arranged in the auction catalogue by colour – which is how Michael Embacher had stored them, in his attic. The time frame covers two-wheelers from the thirties up to the present day. The items in the Embacher collection include brands such as Bianchi, Köthke, Moulton, Colnagho, Lotus, BMW, Franceso Moser and many more.

You can get a copy of the catalogue from the Dorotheum Auction House and also bid online, though who needs an excuse to visit a city as beautiful as Vienna?! And it would be quite an experience to visit the Dorotheum, which is the world’s oldest auction house (established 1707), and the largest in the German speaking world.


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