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Well-known German brand Vaude wins awards for their sustainable ethical clothing.

Just back from this year’s ISPO exhibition in Munich, Vaude have rushed to inform us that they wond the coveted Gold Award for their innovative Trail Spacer backpack which has a 3D knitted back as well another three ISPO Awards for their innovative and sustainable products in their  Green Shape Core Collection.

The jury statement to the 80,000 trade visitors from around the world said “VAUDE has made a bold statement regarding the sustainable development of functional products. The company’s holistic approach hasn’t resulted in any single product, but an entire cross-category collection. Honesty and fairness are at the heart of the VAUDE brand and its core business, within its supply chain and in delivering sustainable innovation to a broad audience. In honouring this strong performance, the jury would like to motivate VAUDE’s interdisciplinary design and product development team to continue along this path”.

Vaude CEO Antje von Dewitz summed up her delight “This is a great tribute to our commitment to sustainability, which is passionately supported by our entire team. Our Green Shape Core Collection impressively proves that sustainability promotes innovation.”

It’s quite remarkable how far Vaude has gone to develop their ethical clothing, with materials that are high performing and environmentally friendly and at the same time provide alternatives to the microplastic pollution that plagues the world. Some months back we reported on their waterproof bike bags.

Ethical clothing from cow’s milk, wood and castor oil

Across a range of 19 products – ethical clothes, shoes and backpacks for a range of outdoor activities – Vaude have gone to great lengths to have sustainable products. With a natural look and feel, they unite function with a feel-good factor and long service life. About 90 % of the diverse textile materials used in the production process are bio-based, recycled or purely natural materials. Some surprising and unconventional, renewable raw materials such as cow’s milk, wood, and castor oil are used! The three innovative products from the Green Shape Core Collection which were honoured with an ISPO Award are the Green Core M backpack, the Green Core Mid shoe, and the Green Core Fleece Jacket. For this fleece jacket, Vaude uses a newly developed material with Tencel® fibre, which is completely biodegradable and does not release any microplastics that could end up in our seas.

Returning to the gold award winning backpack, this has a seamless knitted back section, which they explained to us is like wearing a vest in the way it adapts to the person wearing it. Edith Zuschmann, ISPO jury member, long-distance runner and blogger, explained what had impressed her and fellow jury members: “The 3D knit construction ensures a perfect fit and good ventilation on your back. A lightweight pack for a variety of sports that conserves resources in the manufacturing process.

More information about their ethical clothing is available online from Vaude but it is probably going to be August 2018 before you see these products at specialist sports retailers.


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