Eurostar Backs Down on Carrying Bikes


The “Zero Stars for Eurostar” campaign, initiated by the CTC, but supported by other cycling organisations with the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has proved successful.

Eurostar announced last Friday that they were cancelling their new bike carriage policy, which would have required bikes to be packed in bike bags in order to be carried, and instead will continue to allow fully mounted bikes to be carried in their registered luggage service.

As a result of the campaign by the different cycling organisations, over 9,700 people contacted Eurostar to complain. These included the mayors of London and Paris, as well as the Transport Minister in Brussels.

CTC Chief Executive Paul Tuohy said: “It’s fantastic news that the views of so many of our members and other cyclists across Europe have been listened to. This proves how a successful, well-run campaign can be a massive force for good and make things happen”

In addition of the satisfaction linked to the withdrawal of the new bicycle carriage policy, ECF is very happy with the collaboration between the different member groups. “Congratulations to CTC and the supporting organisations. This is good news for all cyclists and cycle tourists in Europe” said ECF Secretary General Dr Bernhard Ensink.


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