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Evoc have been looking into ways to make performance oriented backpacks more comfortable in use with better ventilation and light weight. Their goal was to engineer a cycling backpack that you would almost be able to forget you are wearing while cycling.

The result is their CC series – CC stands for climate control – with 6, 10 and 16 litre models.

They have achieved this in part due to the light weight and ergonomic fit but also through their “Air Pad” system using six strategically positioned pads that distribute weight across the back and act as spacers so air can circulate freely, keeping your back cool and reducing the formation of sweat. The material used for the contact surfaces (“0150-3D Airmesh”) also absorbs almost no moisture and dries extremely quickly.

Evoc have applied for a patent on their flexible “Brace Link”, narrow ergonomic straps which adjust to the individual’s shoulder width and follow every movement on the bike. Once again, maximum air circulation is achieved, this time by having large grooves in the shoulder straps.

The flexible hip belt wings are also breathable so the carrying system as a whole adjusts individually to the back and shoulders of the wearer, ensuring ideal ventilation, load distribution and carrying comfort.

All three lightweight backpacks are equipped with a hydration system support for at least two litres, a map compartment for easy directions, a fleece-lined glasses compartment and a handy key clip. The compact CC 10l and the spacious CC 16l also boast a clever tool compartment on the front of the pack and a versatile fastening system for XC helmets. Another nifty extra of the CC 16l daypack is the snack compartment.

The 16 Litre model measures 25 x 73 x 30 cm and weighs 695g. It is priced at €95, add another €25 for a 2 litre drink bladder.

The 10 litre model weighs 655g, measures 20 x 68 x 30, and comes in at €85, with the 2 litre bladder at the additional €25.

The smallest model, the 6L, measures 18 x 62 x 28cm, weighs 525g and costs €70 on its own or €95 with the 2L bladder.

You can find Evoc online and their products are stocked by major UK retailers such as the Wiggle Online Cycle Shop.



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