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Here’s a wonderful way to replace loads of cars on the school run: a family estate car of a bike, complete with pedal assist to help mum or dad get themselves and a couple of children, or loads of shopping, up the hills.

Yuba in the USA have been making some wonderful, non-standard bikes for some years. By “non standard”, I don’t mean anything negative, it’s just that they have had the imagination to look at a variety of day to day cycling requirements and create some intelligent designs for those purposes.

The “Spicy Curry” frame has a low-rider cargo rack and 20 inch rear wheel, which lowers the centre of gravity, giving better stability when you have one or two children behind the cyclist. Child seats can be mounted on the rear rack, or Yuba also offer a “soft-spot” seat pad and hold-on or mini-monkey bars for older children. I guess it’s not quite a tandem, if that terms covers two people pedalling.

Yuba also provide a wide-angle kickstand, so that the bike is stable while placing children or shopping on to the bike. There’s nothing worse than having an unstable bike when you have one child in the bike seat and you need to reach away to gather a bag or some shopping and the precious and precarious load takes a tumble.

This model was awarded a Gold Medal at the Eurobike show back in August last year in the “Special Bikes” category and it is easy to see why. Having missed it there, it was good that it was in Berlin for the “Berliner Fahrradschau” (mentioned on Monday).

Of course, you could decide to use this model as a cargo bike rather than as a family transporter, in which case the 80 cm long x 52 cm wide rack comes in to its own.

There is growing usage of cargo bikes for the “last mile” inside towns as more and more people realise the harm that vehicle emissions are causing. A bike is also as fast or faster over short urban distances and a huge amount less expensive to run.


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