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A couple of years ago, US bike manufacturer Faraday successfully raised money via crowdfunding to produce their “Porteur” model of electric bike, with a distinctive double top tube. They have put that experience to good use and have once again successfully raised their funding target on Kickstarter to fund a step-through model, making it easier to mount and dismount.

Once again, they use a steel frame, but this time they have upped the capacity of the lithium ion battery to 290Wh, which is estimated to give 25 miles of assisted riding, and have a more efficient, 250W motor, with a peak of 350W. The battery can be fully charged in under three hours, which means it would be easy to charge at work prior to the commute back home.

Here is another instance of an almost maintenance free drive train: a combination of Shimano Alfine 8 speed internally geared hub and Gates carbon fiber belt drive, although a switch to derailleur & chain drive is available for an additional $400, making the bike slightly lighter than it’s standard 18.1 kg – which is quite light for an e-bike. The model also comes with hydraulic disc brakes.

Faraday offer a rear rack which they describe as child-seat compatible; it’s quick and easy to snap the Yepp Maxi on and off the bike.

A feature that I particularly like is that the front and rear LED lights are built-in. And, having written some months ago about both bamboo bikes and wooden mudguards, it’s interesting to see that Faraday have chosen to use steamed, curved bamboo mudguards on this model.

Shipping is due to start in July.


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