First Wearable Cycling Power Meter


There’s been talk of this for a while, but it is now imminent. Brim Brothers in Dublin have got their Zone DPMX TM wearable power meter almost ready to go.

The product is not so much in as on your shoes and installation looks as easy as fitting new cleats. There’s nothing at all on the bike, so nothing to switch round whichever bike you ride, and whether you are riding a turbo, a winter bike, your regular road bike, or even a hire bike.

Initially, the product is available as a single (left) shoe version, with the dual-sided version to follow.

The product has been fully funded on kickstarter – in just 9 hours! – and you can also find out more on the company’s website. It’s understandable that the product has found support from cyclists as it is particularly affordable at €440 for the single and €880 for the dual. It adds just 44g in weight to the shoe, provides cadence accuracy of ±0.5 rpm over a 25-180 rpm range and power accuracy of ±2%. The only thing is that it is (currently?) only compatible with the Speedplay® Zero cleats and pedals and shoes with at least one strap and the standard 3-hole pattern.

The operating temperature goes way beyond my operating temperatures: from a low of -10°C up to +60°C and it is rated as IP67 in waterproofing terms: waterproof for 30 minutes at 1m depth (quite some cycling test!).

The rechargeable lithium ion battery will provide up to 15 hours operation at 20°C and is rechargeable in less than 2 hours.

Importantly, it is compatible with standard ANT+ power and cadence and the first batch is scheduledfor despatch in July 2016.


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