Flux Attack


Back in late March we covered the Flux series of E-Bikes that had launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

They still have 9 days left to go, but have reached a staggering 944% of their original $50,000 target at $471,483 which is probably part of the reason behind them being able to make some pre-production adjustments to their downhill-focussed Attack model, making it a bit more aggressive for downhill riding.

They previously had risers at the top of the stem to the suspension post, and this is now going to be almost straight on the head tube, lowering the centre of gravity and making the ride a bit nicer. The angle of the head tube has been increased by 7° so it slopes back more and is more suitable – and aggressive – for downhill.

Cables have been tidied up, in part with cables now being hidden inside the top tube, and also with the speed sensor now being on the front fork: previously it had been at the rear, with the cablebeing retained underneath the central motor, where it was in danger of being damaged in rough terrain.

The rear triangle has been brought in about an inch and a half which will make tighter turns possible.

Finally, the front suspension is being increased from 100 to 120mm to give a bit more cushion.

Looks like these guys have really got their act together. There’s more info available on Indiegogo.


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