Flying Fergus – The Great Cycle Challenge


This review was intended for this year’s World Book Day, but the “Beast from the East” winter weather spoiled the timing of our plans, which were to ask for a guest review from 7 year old Lev, who is a brilliant reader for his age, of Sir Chris Hoy’s “Flying FergusThe Great Cycle Challenge“.

Here are his comments.

Lev reads & reviews Flying Fergus – the Great Cycle Challenge

It was very interesting reading “Flying Fergus – The Great Cycle Challenge” because Flying Fergus has a secret: when he pushes the pedals backwards on his bike he will end up in a parallel universe called Nevermore. It is also great fun because it is about bikes and I usually like bikes. If I had to spend my pocket money to buy another Flying Fergus book though I would probably want to choose one of my other favourites from Cressida Cowell, David Baddiel, David Walliams, or Roald Dahl.


Flying Fergus – The Great Cycle Challenge is the 2nd book in Chris Hoy’s Flying Fergus series and is available in book shops or online.


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