Folding Bike for Adults Launching at London Bike Show


New UK bike company crosshead is launching their high performance folding bike for adults at the London Bike Show and is about to take preorders.

It has taken an amazing 8 years to get this far. With its unique, patented double fold technology Crosshead say that this folding bike for adults rides and feels like a normal bike yet folds into a compact, handy package. Now entering production, they believe there is enough about their design that this full size folding bike will transform the industry.

Being a cycling enthusiast all his life, Crosshead founder and designer, Stuart Lambert, realised on a trip to Bruges that most folding bicycles, like the one he purchased, had performance issues and he felt that they didn’t ride very well. Knowing there was the potential to create something better, he set out to design a bike which would satisfy the needs of a demanding cyclist yet still offer the convenience of a compact fold. With the first seeds of a radical idea emerging, the Crosshead project started in 2009. Stuart began sketching and thinking about what was wrong with folding bicycles, “I concluded there were too many small commuter folding bike solutions.”

So he ignored this market and created a folding bike for adults – riders who can ride fast when needed, prioritising performance and rider comfort but also experience the convenience of a compact folder.

Folding Bike for Adults from Crosshead: The Z-Fold

The bike has been meticulously developed by British designers and engineers offering a sleek and contemporary design, compact folded package with superb ride-ability. The fold method is unique to Crosshead and easy to achieve once practiced, folding in about 20 seconds. Both the front and rear wheels fold towards each other, ending up side by side with no unsightly catches.

Folding Bike for Adults: The Spec.

The SF-1A – the first of a four-product range – is a premium product with an utterly distinctive raw aluminium and aeronautical wax polished appearance. It comes in 10 and 20 gears, different brake options, and features high-end components with highly practical 20-inch wheels. These features combine with being able to fold down to one-third of its original size in a Z format and its full-sized frame geometry could make this a great option for commuting and leisure cycling.

Crosshead has an experienced team of designers, engineers and business advisors led by its entrepreneurial founder Stuart Lambert who worked as a product designer in London and Milan and added a mid-career MBA to compliment his commitment to bring together design and engineering in creating this market challenger product.

The Crosshead Bike is launching at the London Bike Show, which is to be held this February 23-25, 2018, at ExCeL, London. The event is the UK’s largest cycling exhibition and plans to showcase 300 of the best cycling brands. The Crosshead bike will be exhibited at the event to give riders an up-close chance to view and experience the bike.

The Crosshead Bike will be available soon for pre-order.


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