Folding Bike Helmet


With the proliferation of bike share schemes –  abroad and in the UK amongst others – the demand for a folding bike helmet grows.

Why a folding bike helmet?

When the Velib bike share scheme arrived in Paris in 2007 it was noticed that fewer users of bike share schemes wear helmets than people cycling their own bikes, the Overade company set about developing a folding bike helmet. [This reduction in usage of helmets has been noticed here in the UK and elsewhere as well.] While the idea of having a bike helmet that reduces in size when not being worn is similar to both Closca and Morpher, the way in which Overade has gone about this is totally different.

Folding Bike Helmet Folded in the Backpack

The Overade folding bike helmet solution has been patented, which confirms the uniqueness of their approach. It shrinks to one third of its size when folded and can be tucked into a small backpack or even a (largish) handbag. But it does this still providing a maximum level of safety and comfort, because it complies with EN1078 European certification on bike helmets as well as US CPSC standards.

They have called their first product Plixi FIT which may sound better in French. It retails for €99 which makes it competitive with Closca and Morpher.

Plixi FIT Folding Bike Helmet Accessories

Two items are available. A visor protects you from the sun and rain (and helps get glasses dry) and looks quite stylish. It can be fitted and removed in seconds and can also be left on when the helmet is folded.

The second is a waterproof cover so the air vents on the top of the helmet don’t let a load of water in should it rain. Unlike the visor, which comes in just one size for both sizes of helmet, the cover comes in S-M and L-XL.

Both these accessory items have recommended retail prices on the mainland of €15.

A Plixi FIT backpack has been designed to make it even easier to carry the Plixi FIT folding bike helmet when not being worn. Thanks to a dedicated pocket in the backpack, the helmet will perfectly fit into the bag. Simple design and waterproof pockets are included to protect a 15” computer along with a separate 10” tablet pocket, space for your files and of course your Plixi FIT. The backpack measures 44 x 31 x 19 cm, sells for €89 and has a 25-litre capacity. It is made from a water-resistant material, has reflective tape for more visibility, padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap for a perfect fitting, along with breathable and comfortable back and a rubber bottom.


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