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That’s a clean looking touring bike model, that German bike manufacturer Freygeist are launching at Eurobike.

What comes as a bit of a surprise is that it’s an E-bike with a 100km range thanks to its 250 Watt whisper-quiet hub motor. And for an E-bike it’s remarkably light at 12kg – which is not significantly different from the touring bike I ride, although mine includes lights, mudguards and rear rack in that weight.

If you’re of the mindset that weight is everything and my mudguards, lights and rack are just adding too much weight, you’re not likely to be persuaded by an e-bike. But sales figures across Europe are showing that more and more are moving towards E-bikes (480,000 were sold in Germany alone in 2014, up 17% on the previous year), and I am now of the opinion that the more cyclists of any and every type on the road, the more visible we all become and the safer and therefore better off we all are.

So if you’re thinking that some occasional help on the hills would be great, but are nervous about being ribbed by other cyclists for riding an e-bike, this one makes a great choice as few will realise at their first glance that it is an e-bike – until you add in the pedal assist and leave the others behind.

The 300 Watt hour Panasonic lithium ion battery is hidden in the frame, with the motor in a hub in the rear wheel. The battery can only be charged on (or should that be “in”?) the bike, so you need either to bring your bike indoors or have a plug socket where you store the bike, if it’s in a shed or a garage.

Back to my mudguards, lights and rack: Freygeist admit that these are things which are necessary for commuters & tourers and have, they say, some attractive accessories to fill my requirements available soon.

This is another bike which got financed through crowd-funding and the whole first series has been sold. Another series will be available well before the end of this year. The price including German VAT is €3990 which currently is around £2880.


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