From E-Bike to E-Trailer


There are some interesting bike trailers around: we featured the “Hinterher”, one of last year’s Eurobike award winners (before it won) as well as a bike caravan, and the 4-wheel Armadillo cargo bike getting a trailer.

Here’s something different again, a “power trailer” that conforms with the European Norm 2002/24/EG as a pedelec in combination with a non-motorised bike so can go at 25km/h at 250W in its Pedelec mode.

Uncoupled from the bike, there’s a 6km/h support in hand-cart mode for delivering in areas where you either are not allowed to cycle or the access is too difficult.

The trailer comes with a 13.6 Ah Li-Ion battery and can transport a load up to 150kg on its 60×160 bed, which accommodates Euro norm boxes. The weight of the trailer is approximately 40kg, so fully laden, you can understand why the power assist would be welcome. To help stop a gross weight of 190kg there is an overrun brake mechanism which automatically activates two disc brakes.

The standard battery should give a 20km range depending on payload and topography, although a 1400 Wh battery is also available for ranges over 60km. The company offers an aluminium box body as well as a truck-style canvas cover. It has two red rear lights with built in reflectors and has one white reflector on the front; the Schalbe Big Apple Plus tyres also have reflective side walls

Carla Cargo has a retail price of €3999 plus German VAT. This really expands the range of environmentally friendly urban delivery systems that are virtually emission free.


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