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Thanks to a question from Daniel Zeichner MP, who is the Shadow Minister for Transport, the Government has announced the projected budgets for the next five years for the following cycle related programs:

 Cycle Cities Ambition Grant £99m
 Bikeability Cycle Training Grant £50m
 Highways England Fund £85m
 Sustainable Travel Transition Year £80m
 Total Above £314m


Robert Goodwill, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Department for Transport said “Much more widely, however, other Government funding streams will also contribute to projects which will deliver improved cycling and walking. Through the Local Growth Fund, an investment of at least £476m is planned by local enterprise partnerships for cycling infrastructure.

From the Integrated Transport Block funding, local authorities will use £194m to invest in cycling and walking.

Regarding highways maintenance, from 2018/19 the plan is to change the formula used to allocate local highways maintenance capital funding so that it also takes into account footways and cycleways as well as the roads, bridges and street lighting, which it is currently based on. Once implemented, around 9% of the funding for local highways maintenance will be based on footway and cycleway lengths and equates to £196m.

In addition, a record £6bn will be spent on tackling potholes and improving local roads between 2015 and 2021, which will benefit all road users, including cyclists.”

On top of this, Mr Goodwill announced a repeat of last year’s successful Big Bike Revival with the CTC (now “We are Cycling UK”) for 2016.

All money spent on improving cycling infrastructure is good news. While £314 million is a tad more than I have in the bank, it still falls a long way short of the £10 per person per year for the UK that is called for by the major cycling organisations, and the £314m is over 5 years: if we call it approximately £60m per year, that’s not far off £1 per person per year. Report card: “Could do better”.


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