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Building for strength and light weight with full carbon, here’s a design for what appears to be the first full carbon folding e-bike, as well as a full carbon, fully integrated MTB.

They are launched today on Indiegogo by FuroSystems, a London based startup who first developed a very light, high-performance moped, which they call the L1. That is now under industrial manufacturing development and will be available in a year’s time.

Elliott Wertheimer, one of the founders, explained: “based on the technology we developed and the experimental knowledge we acquired, we then designed the X series ebikes, which we are able to bring to market now, as they are faster to design and produce.

First Full Carbon Folding E-Bike

The FuroSystems FX is the first full carbon fibre electric folding bicycle. Its strong and light frame help it come in at a total weight of 14kg. Here is how it folds down.

It is powered by a 250W (or 350W in the US) high-performance BAFANG rear motor and a state-of-the-art 8.7Ah battery using the latest cells available on the market. An upgraded 10.5Ah battery will follow to extend the range from 45km to more than 55km. The FX is equipped with Shimano Hydraulic disk brakes and 9 speed Shimano gears, which makes it one of the lightest yet powerful and versatile e-bikes on the market.

Early bird buyers will be able to snap up this bike for €1299 compared with the anticipated retail of €2499.

Furosystems folding bike explained

Carbon Electric Mountain Bike

The SX is a fully integrated full carbon electric mountain bike. Thanks to the use of carbon fibre the weight of the bike is kept to a total of 19kg which is impressive for this type of machine. The standard battery integrates within the frame of the bike and offers 55km.

The bike has a 250W (or 350W for the USA) BOFEILI mid-motor which fits snugly in the e-bike’s carbon frame. Thanks to its torque sensor, the BOFEILI motor reacts to the pressure exerted on the pedals by the rider. With its 2 chain rings and 9 speed Shimano gears there are not just 18 different gears but 18 different torque levels. The e-bike is equipped with Shimano hydraulic disk brakes and a Suntour XCM front suspension.

Overall, it’s relatively light and powerful and should give a good ride both on road and off and early birders will get it for just €1699 compared with an eventual €3199 retail. 

Check out Furosystems’ Ebikes on Indiegogo.

FuroSystems Ebike SX explained

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