Fuseknit Comfort Base Layer


Craft sent through a sample of their Fuseknit Comfort Base Layer quite a few months ago for review and circumstances have conspired against this happening promptly.

The first part of the delay was to some extent their fault. Despite being described as “comfortable fit” and “regular”, it was decidedly tight and an uncomfortable fit on my December shape after reviewing too many mince pies. Having said that, it’s some decades since I was even moderately fast on a bike, so I’m not looking for a “race fit”, but something to wear when touring or the occasional audax or sportive.

The second and longer part of the delay was in getting this to Sam, who is a more slender shape. The XL that was tight on my XL torso was a comfortable fit on his Medium.
The third and far longer part of the delay was solely our fault in getting a review written and posted. Apologies Craft!

Isn’t it interesting how some people are good cooks and others just don’t produce the same great taste even when they follow the recipe exactly and use the same ingredients? Why do we mention this? Well, we looked at the “contents labels” on this and two other base layers of similar weight: one was a “special” from one of the supermarket discounters; the second was a mid-priced brand; and the third was this Craft sample provided. They all rely on polyester, although Craft has recycled polyester – good to see plastic being recycled to good use. But, despite the tight fit mentioned above, the Craft Fuseknit Comfort Base Layer is just that: comfortable.

They describe Fuseknit as “combining a seamless knitting technology with ergonomic and strategic seams to create soft and supple garments. The result is fewer seams and a smooth, chafe-free and highly comfortable experience.”

So, perhaps the ingredients are much the same, but the way they are worked is different, explaining why some cooks achieve a better result.

One recommendation though: either lay off the mince pie testing or go for a size up on what you would normally select.


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