Get Your Bike Clean with Bosch


Bosch Home and Garden have just launched Fontus, a cordless low-pressure washer that is great to get your bike clean.

As it works in places without power and water supply, the Fontus is ideal for getting your bike clean after a ride whether outside the shed or garage, outside the house, or in the garden.

Fontus works gently, effectively and reliably to get your bike clean and can handle other cleaning tasks as well. By providing consistent power, the new product can be used around both the home and garden and even on the go. So you could wash down your mountain bike and get the bike clean before loading it on to the car to head home.

The powerful 18 volt battery ensures that you can work with the Fontus for up to 60 minutes, in any location, and its water tank can contain up to 15 litres.

Thanks to its removable filter, the Fontus can also be filled with rainwater or river water. The filter ensures any particles or leaves left behind will not make their way into the tool itself and it is easy to clean after use.

The right settings for a wide range of applications

For ultimate flexibility, the Fontus features four spray patterns and three pressures which can be combined, providing you with a total of twelve cleaning variants.

The pencil jet is particularly helpful to remove vegetation such as moss and algae, or stubborn dirt. Using this pencil jet together with the turbo pressure mode for intensive cleaning is, for example, an easy way to clean extremely surfaces in no time at all.

Bicycles (as well as pushchairs, shoes and garden tools) can be cleaned efficiently using the 15-degree fan jet and the medium pressure level, whilst the 50-degree fan jet is the ideal choice for cleaning larger surfaces such as garden furniture.

On the lowest pressure setting, the Fontus can be used to wash dogs or horses after walking in forests or fields, or to spray flowerbeds without damaging the plants themselves. The product’s SmartBrush, which simply attaches to the spray gun, can be used with all spray patterns, making cleaning objects and surfaces even easier than before.

Robust, functional equipment for comfortable handling

Use the Bosch Fontus anywhere for a clean bike

This low-pressure cleaner comes with an extra handle at the base of the unit, making it easy to transport and load into a car. All accessories, including the SmartBrush, can be stored within the tool in the compartment at the front and the robust four metre hose is pushed into place at the rear of the Fontus. The product itself is easy to store away and everything has its place thus minimising the risk of losing any accessories.

The Fontus’ powerful piston pump provides a maximum pressure of 15 bar, which can be regulated to three different levels. The fill level indicator on the side enables you to see how much water is left at all times and when work is completed, the spray gun can be conveniently put in the holder on the handle.

Flexible and powerful thanks to the “Power for All” battery system

The Fontus is part of the “Power for All” battery system which means the battery can be used on other Bosch 18 volt tools, both DIY and garden.

The same 18 volt lithium-ion battery can currently be used to operate more than 25 different power tools, from grass trimmers to rotary hammers. Do-it-yourselfers can therefore do without unnecessary batteries and chargers, enabling them to save money as well. A “Power for All” logo on the packaging indicates which tools belong to the system.

All Bosch batteries have another advantage: the unique Syneon Chip which is an energy management system that has the intelligence to hold back energy not required when easier tasks are performed and increases the energy for tougher tasks. This system ensures efficient use of the battery, ultimately maximising its runtime. The Syneon Chip only delivers sufficient energy required to perform the task at hand.

The Fontus cordless low-pressure cleaner is available now. All prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.



Battery voltage/capacity 18 V lithium-ion/2.5 Ah
Max. pressure 15 bar
Tank capacity 15 l
Battery runtime max. 60 min*
Battery charging time 105 minutes
Low pressure hose length 4 m
Dimensions (length x height x width) 395 x 645 x 320 mm
Weight including hose, SmartBrush, spray gun and battery 9.8 kg
Scope of delivery/recommended retail price including VAT
  • Set version including hose, spray gun, SmartBrush, 2.5 Ah battery and charger: £269.99
  • Bare tool including hose, spray gun and SmartBrush: £206.99

*depending on spray pattern and pressure mode


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