Giving Up the Coffee, Tea and Cakes


Word filtered out, subsequently confirmed in an online statement by Chief Executive Paul Tuohy, that the CTC – the Cyclists Touring Club – is to give up the name it was established with back in 1878, to become “Cycling UK”, which is not to be confused with “British Cycling”.

The charity will remain as the CTC, but will “rebrand” as Cycling UK. Does that make sense? Surely you are or you aren’t the CTC.

It remains to be seen what the almost 70,000 members will think of this change that has been announced after a survey of some 2,000 “members, supporters, partners and local and national government departments across the UK. By chance, I was one of them, and while I am not convinced that the title “Cyclists Touring Club” adequately covers all of the activities of the CTC, I don’t remember any consultation or question on the choice of new name.

If the brand is supposed to be an indicator of the focus of the organisation, how does the CTC distinguish itself from the larger “British Cycling” which is about 1.5 times larger in membership terms? And if there is going to be a common focus, then doesn’t it make sense to look at a merger and see the combined voice of some 200,000 cyclist members?

The launch of the re-brand is scheduled for April, just ahead of the organisation’s AGM, where the subject is sure to be raised.

In the meantime, and perhaps beyond April, I am sure that a number of CTC riders will still laughingly and lovingly refer to the CTC standing for Coffee, Tea, and Cakes which are so much enjoyed at elevensies, lunch stops, and afternoon rest stops on CTC rides.


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