Government Incentives for E-Cargobikes


E-bike sales have been boosted in several countries thanks to Government Incentives. Now the German government goes one step further with government incentives for e-cargobikes.

Our friends at Carla Cargobikes in Berlin were delighted with the news that the German government has introduced incentives for e-cargobikes which can be up to 30 percent of the value, and up to a maximum of 2500 Euros. German buyers can apply for this financial support now, but the funding will not be available till after the parliamentary recess in the summer of 2018.

The southern Germany state of Baden-Württemberg went a step further and a bit sooner in their support of e-cargobike: they first introduced a government incentive of up to 50% with a maximum of €4000, though that has since been reduced to 30% and €3000.

All this comes at the same time as the constitutional court in Germany has ruled that city-wide bans on diesel engines are permissible. The country with some of the world’s best-known vehicle manufacturers really has responded to the “Dieselgate” issue.

Government incentives for e-cargobikes and e-cargo trailers like this one from Carla Cargo

Carla Cargo’s joy is even greater, given that the government incentive does not just apply to e-cargobikes but also to e-cargo trailers, as they manufacture models that are well thought out, being able to be used as a motorised trailer, as well as then being de-coupled from the “tractor unit” to operate as an electric powered hand cart for use in pedestrian areas and inside buildings for a truly low emission delivery solution not just for the last mile but on longer delivery runs.

So we have a great example of 1 European country providing government incentives for e-cargobikes as a way of reducing emissions and can only hope that ministers in charge of finance, transport, and the environment learn from their peers and introduce similar schemes across more countries.

The government incentives don’t have to be at a national level as the state of Baden-Württemberg shows. The city of Munich has a similar scheme for local government incentives so perhaps our city mayors here in the UK will take note.


As far as other trailers for cargo bikes are concerned, we reported on the Hinterher trailer back in August 2016 having previously written about the Swedish 4 wheel trailer to go behind the Armadillo cargobike in 2015. However, Carla Cargo – who we also mentioned back in 2016 – remains the first and only e-cargo-trailer worldwide and so clearly fills an important niche in the last mile delivery of products.


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