Government’s Spending Round announcement – Sustrans responds


The Government’s Spending Round announcement made today elicits this response from Sustrans CEO, Xavier Brice.

In response to the Spending Round announcement made today, Xavier Brice, Sustrans Chief Executive said:

“Whilst we welcome the announcement of an additional £30 million to tackle our pressing air quality crisis, we are disappointed with the lack of focus on walking and cycling in this Spending Round.

“Investing in walking and cycling to make them attractive, safe and convenient methods of transport for shorter journeys would reduce our reliance on cars and improve air quality in our towns and cities.

“This is especially important when parliament’s Science and Technology Committee recently reaffirmed the need for fewer, not just cleaner, vehicles if we are to meet the Government’s own targets on climate change.

“However, the Chancellor failed to mention any allocated funding to the Department for Transport that would help the Government implement its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, and meet the targets the Strategy sets out including doubling cycling trips.

“This Spending Round was an opportunity for the UK Government to show exactly how committed they are to achieving their cycling and walking targets. The lack of investment suggests this is not a priority.”



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