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We featured several wooden bikes about a year ago, ranging from Bamboo Bikes, Peter Charnaud’s hand made bikes at Bespoked 2015, and the AceTeam Wooden E-bike. Now there’s a handmade wood and carbon bike to admire and that alone is a great reason to visit the Spin London bike show later this month as Copenhagen based bike builder Coh & Co will be exhibiting there for the second time.

They describe their bikes as being incredibly stiff and lightweight because of this unique combination of laminated wood and carbon.

Lightweight performance paired with the aesthetics of wood, these bikes attract attention on the road anywhere.

Although a young company, the bikes have already received praise, not just from cyclists, but the bike has already been named a design classic and gained its place in the Danish Design Museum’s permanent exhibition alongside the best in contemporary Danish Design – quite an accolade for a country that is renowned for some of its famous designs.

There’s also another unique addition to the Coh&Co bike family: a carbon cargo bike designed for lightweight riding and heavy duty transportation in one. The bike, which is being created in collaboration with London artist Eliza Southwood, is still in its making, but there will be a sneak peak available at the Coh&Co stand for the curious.

Coh&Co is also a representative for the Portland bike wear brand Showers Pass, bringing high quality bike wear designed for wet weather to this year’s show.

More details of Spin London and tickets forthis event (20-22 May) are available online.


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