Has Your Bike Got Balls?


A team of two designers in Toronto started hanging LED lights from the seat rails of their bike saddles, but these tended to point downwards, which was not as effective as they wished. They also grew tired of having to remove their lights when they parked. Out of these thoughts a new product was born: bike balls.

These also hang off the seat rail and bob around when you ride. The LED is inside a silicone shell and the whole of this glows then the light is on. Scott and Heather calculate that this changes 18 sq mm of light from a single LED into 1872 sq mm of visible light. This combines with the movement of the bike balls as you ride and the random movement attracts the attention of people behind and beside you.

Like most LED rear lights thesedays, there are different flashing modes: two “party modes” where the light flashes on and off in either fast or slow patterns, and one mode where the light is on. Just give the bike balls a gentle squeeze to turn them on or change modes and another squeeze to turn them off.

The silicone housing is water resistant so the lights can be used in all weathers. They fasten easily on to the seat rails. If you use one of the zip ties supplied with the product, you can fasten them semi permanently, and you don’t have to remove the zip tie to change battery.

The product has long reached its Kickstarter funding target of 11,784 Canadian Dollars (at the time of writing it was over $23000) and pre orders are due to be shipped in August. There is still over 3 weeks to go on Kickstarter if you want to back the project and secure a pre-order, otherwise there will still be time when they are in production to order for Christmas and cause amusement by having a bike with balls.


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