Hexlox – Success Update


A successful Crowdfunding campaign doesn’t necessarily mean that a product will come result; While I wasn’t one of the backers, I remember watching a product called Helios, which was different shaped handlebars with built in lights, which got its funding but evidently the designers couldn’t (yet?) get the product to a working proposition as quite a few months later there are a number of aggravated backers who haven’t received their product.

I sincerely hope, and have no reason to believe, that this will be the fate of Hexlox, who reached 350% of their funding target with 2 weeks still left to go – We introduced the Hexlox product back in mid March. The product looks so fiendishly simple, which is often the hallmark of great design, and there is such a demand for a product of its type, that it seems quite amazing that it hasn’t existed before now.

It’s no wonder that it reached this level of support. The founders went to the VeloCity conference and exhibition in Taipei where they were able to present the product to a number of bike manufacturers and Marcus Tonndorf, the CEO, has confirmed that there is great B2B interest and we can expect to see some bikes with Hexlox pre-installed at the OEM level.

Hexlox magically turns any existing bolt on any bike into a security bolt, in about 3 seconds: total protection for saddles, wheels and components! Great news for all cyclists, not just those who have personalised their bike, but anybody who risks returning to a part-bike when leaving their cycle “securely” locked.

Can’t wait to get my Hexloxes (is that the plural?!)



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