Highest Triathlon in the World


That’s quite some claim, but this triathlon is well over a mile high– and some – the 106° West Triathlon in Colorado. The inaugural event takes place on 10th September 2016 and is named after the coordinates of the town of Dillon in Colorado, which sits at 39° North and 106° West. But the distinguishing metric is the Z coordinate: the swim in Lake Dillon takes place just over 9000 feet, the bike leg goes to just over 10,000’ and the race never dips below the 9000’ level. So the whole event is well above 1 mile above sea level which will create its own issues for triathletes more accustomed to being closer to sea level.

The race will feature half-ironman and “quarter-man” distances.

Newton Running, who got their start in the triathlon community, is partnering Human Movement in this one of a kind event. Newton Running’s director of Marketing Erin Kersten commented “We’re looking forward to being part of what will likely become an epic, ‘bucket-list’ race for triathletes from all over the world in our home state of Colorado.”

“After more than a decade of planning and negotiations, I cannot wait to introduce the world to 106º West Triathlon. As a local Colorado company and a leader in performance running, Newton Running contributes to the legitimacy and excitement of this legendary new race,” said founder of Human Movement Management Inc, Jeff Suffolk.

Human Movement Inc. is a 6 year old company that says it wants to create proprietary, unique events that can’t be recreated anywhere else in the world and wanted to come up with the most proprietary, distinct event and location that no one else would be able to duplicate, and immediately Lake Dillion came to mind. Jeff Suffolk had first heard about the lake 10 years ago when he was working with the IronKids series in Colorado, and found it puzzling that even though the lake allowed boats, paddle boarders and fishermen, swimming was not allowed.

Once the idea of 106° came to mind, he reached out to some of the local board members in Dillon to see what needed to be done in order to break down the barriers of not being able to swim in the lake and was told it was going to be a long time until he got an answer because Lake Dillon is actually Denver’s Water Source. Dillon Dam Road is federally protected because it services 100% of Denver’s water.

After staying in contact for about 7 years and reminding the community leaders of my vision to hold a triathlon in Lake Dillon, Jeff was contacted by the board members in Dillon letting him know they were ready to have a meeting to vote on allowing 106°West to happen in the lake and it was approved!

The swim will start at the marina and go across Lake Dillon. The cycling takes athletes east to Montezuma, a quirky, cool town. From a starting point of 9,071ft elevation, it’s a continuous climb to Montezuma. There is no doubt this will be a challenging and memorable bike course. The run also starts at the Dillon Marina and weave its way along the Dillon Reservoir with a total elevation gain of 706 ft.

Jeff is aware that apart from elevation and wanting to look at the stunning Colorado Rockies scenery, weather could have a major influence on the event in September, but says “We’ve got a first rate operations and logistics team to ensure every aspect of the race runs smoothly and offers athletes the best possible experience.”

If you want to register, use Code COTRI for 10% off your registration!

All participants will receive a 106° West Athlete Tee, Cowboy hat, and beer. Finishers will receive a custom 106° West belt buckle to commemorate their experience and accomplishment.


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