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Some days have elapsed since we met up with Alan Jackson at SPIN in London to take a look at his “HighFiveFold” concept bike. He certainly seemed to be getting a substantial level of interest from people who are urban commuters.

The frame members are used to fold and unfold the bike with just two locking levers in use, which means that it is possible to go from folded to unfolded or vice versa in about 20 seconds.

The folded dimensions are pretty compact at 725 x 500 x 180mm given the 16” wheel size (aren’t we Brits good at mixing metric and imperial!). Currently, the bike weighs 10kg (or 22 lbs if you want to carry on the mixing of measurement systems) but this is a prototype and that could come down a bit if the bike goes into production.

I asked Alan about his plans and he responded “My reason for going to the Spin London show was to present my ideas on how a folding bike could be and to see how people responded to it. To this aim I was most pleasantly surprised, most people loved its slim folded design and ability to carry or wheel the folded package. I would like to see this in production.” This doesn’t reveal whether Alan is hoping to sell his design to a manufacturer to see it made under licence, or whether he hopes to become a bike manufacturer himself.

He certainly has some neat design features, such as the brake cable being neatly hidden inside the handlebars, and the saddle only being able to be raised to its preset position when unfolded, so it cannot be withdrawn beyond its set position or lost or stolen.



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