Wall Mounted Bike Lock – Hiplok Adds to Bike Security


Hiplok have made a name for themselves with their high quality “wearable” bike locks and now look like extending their reputation with a wall mounted bike lock which is a combination that replaces a wall or ground anchor, a bike hanger, and a high security chain or lock.

Just over a year ago in July 2015, they conceived the idea for a “secure hanger”, which resulted in multiple prototypes only a couple of months later. Once they had tested the wall mounted bike lock concept, they produced the design of their “Airlok” in January of this year. They deployed their experience of getting bike locks tested by different authorities in the various countries in which they sell from March of this year and were able to finalise the design in May.

A few weeks ago they launched a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter and are almost at their target level with a week and a half left. Assuming they raise the last few thousand pounds, the “Airlok” wall mounted bike lock will be available early in 2018.

Features of the Wall Mounted Bike Lock

Their product has an attractive triangular shape, but looks are not the only thing: they have patent pending “closed loop” security features as well, which means that they have multiple high security hidden fixings and a hardened steel framework to deter a would-be thief; the locking pin is similarly of hardened steel. The outer body of the bike hanger section of the wall mounted bike lock is impact resistant. There is a different impact resistance in that there is a protective non scratch surface in the “jaws” so your bike doesn’t get scratched. Each Airlok is supplied with 3 keys and each set has its own code, which can be registered with Hiplok for safekeeping should you misplace keys or require more copies. The key mechanism itself is ultra secure, non-pickable and proven in their Gold Rated, high-security bike locks.

The Airlok can be positioned at different levels to suit your storage needs, for example at ground level, or raised so it is above furniture in your home or above the car bonnet in your garage. If “n+1” rules, you can put mount one Airlok wall mounted bike lock above another to store two bikes above & below each other.

Hurry and you might just get one of the few early bird offers left at £110, a 15% discount on the anticipated retail price. Choose from Bright White, Stealth Grey, or Italian Red.


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