How about a Boris E-Bike?


Travelling to London and thinking of hiring a “Boris Bike”? How about taking along your own snap on conversion kit to turn it into an E-bike for the duration of your hire?

This is now possible thanks to a successful Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for a New York, USA, manufactured product called “ShareRoller”, which can be fitted in seconds to any bike or kid’s scooter, and uses the docking fitting that is on the Canadian “Bixi” Bikes, which are supplied to many of the world’s bike share programmes, including the one in London.

There are 3 different configurations available:
• The “mini pack”, which weighs 2kg and will provide 12-24km range.
• The “standard pack” which weighs 2.5kg, with an increased range of 24-48km
• The 3.3kg “ultra pack” which sees the range go out to 44-89km

If I were going to use the device on a bike-share bicycle, I’m not sure that I’d want to lug a 3.3kg pack up to London with me, but then I’d be unlikely to travel 44-89 km on a Boris Bike. The 2kg version seems more appropriate. Is this something you are likely to do, though? I can more easily understand converting a “normal” bike to an e-bike.

As mentioned, the funding campaign concluded successfully, back in December 2015, raising 146% of their target. As a result of this success, it has become part of Indiegogo’s “InDemand” program, allowing further investment up till the 15th February. They expect to start shipment in June of this year.


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