It doesn’t matter if you’re new to cycling or if you are an expert, it’s always wonderful to get a new bike. That being said, finding the right price range is very important. It all comes down to understanding what you need, as based on that you will be able to dictate your own price. Here are some tips that you may want to take into consideration.

What do you need the new bike for?

Normally there are 3 main categories of bike users. Most people will get a bike for recreational use such as road cycling. This can be both the least and most expensive type of new bike that you can buy. The things to focus on here are weight, the distance you are likely to travel, and speed, all of which are extremely important factors to take into consideration when you selecting a new bike.

Mountain biking is a separate and huge area of cycling activity, and in this case, you will want a bike that can go over rough terrain.  In fact, the better mountain bikes tend to be more expensive just because they come with better suspension and special features, such as disk brakes.

Lastly, you might want to get a bike for commuting. The idea is to focus on comfort as you try to acquire the best model that really suits your needs. Versatility is key here as well, so take that into account in your choice.

User category

Of course, if you are new to, or returning to, cycling you will probably want a simpler bike just because you are not going to ride it very often or for really long distances. On the other hand, professionals and competitive amateurs will want a bike that’s super light. Anybody who rides in a cycling club or takes part in a sportive or audax will want to have a bike they feel proud of and can show off to their fellow cyclists.

How much do they cost?

Professional road bikes can cost well over £10,000, although you can find some of these models a lot cheaper, particularly if you are prepared to buy last season’s model, which often is not so different from the newest one a brand is launching. It depends on the type of frame you choose, with carbon being ultra light but more expensive, the gears and gear changing mechanisms, as well as such items as the pedals, which accessories are or are not included and which brand you are selecting.

Mountain bikes can differ substantially in price as well. You can find some under £400, but at the same time, the higher tier models can be several times that figure.

When choosing a bike that you should buy for commuting, the price range is not so massive and the most important thing is to get a bike that feels good for you. After all, you want to use that bike every day, so you might as well make the most out of it the best way that you can. One variation on this is for a touring bike, where you need a strong frame to be able to carry not just you but your panniers, perhaps front as well as rear, and you need a resilient bike that is going to last for many miles without breakdowns. Hub gears such as the Rohloff model add substantially to the initial cost, but there are numerous reports of people who have been on international tours of thousands of miles without needing servicing.

In the end, you do need quite a hefty budget to buy a good bike. Yes, you can opt for budget bikes if you don’t use your bike often. But if you really want to use your bike often, opting for a more expensive model can be well worth it in the end. Just try to consider that and remember that results will be quite amazing at the end of the day!


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