HPV World Championships 2015

HPV World Championships 2015
HPV World Championships 2015

The weekend of 22nd August (the day of the Crafted Classique where I did the 100km sportive) and the 23rd (when I went on the Sky Ride around Ipswich and then travelled to Germany for the Eurobike exhibition) saw the World Championships for Human Powered Vehicles, which this year was held in the Belgian town of Maasmechelen.

The first event was a 200m sprint (on the Friday evening), which came after a 1km “run up” on a straight, flat road. The speeds – given in km per hour – of the winners in the Mens, Fully Faired (i.e. velomobile or similar) are quite stunning:

1 Charles HenryCH 83.711 kph
2 Richard SchaffenrothDE 83.314 kph
3 Daniel FennDE 80.014 kph
4 Werner KlompAT 77.720 kph
5 Erik MaynissenBE 76.751 kph
16 Brian RobertsonGB 60.085 kph
17 Ian PerryGB 59.568 kph


The 100 km event on the Saturday morning comprised laps of 3.4 km with just 4 corners and long straight sections, with 2 slight slopes; one of 120m at 2% gradient and the other 600m at 1.5%. The raced ends when the first person completes 30 laps. The top 5 results plus the first two UK participants were:

1 Ymte SijbrandijNL  50.59 kph
2 Charles HenryCH  49.48 kph
3 Richard SchaffenrothDE  47.01 kph
4 Werner KlompAT  46.86 kph
5 Daniel FennDE 46.54 kph
8  Ian PerryGB  44.41 kph
17  Brian RobertsonGB 37.95 kph


The final event was held on Sunday morning was a 1 hour time trial around a route of 1.9 km around a winding course with one short 80m climb of 6%, with the following numbers of laps being completed:

1 Daniel FennDE  26 laps
2 Ymte SijbrandijNL  25 laps
3 Charles HenryCH  25 laps
4 Werner KlompAT  24 laps
5 Richard SchaffenrothDE  24 laps
7 Ian PerryGB  23 laps
20 Brian RobertsonGB  20 laps


Winners of each event were awarded 200 points, the runner-up got 199, third place received 198, and so on down the table. Points for the different events were then totalled to provide the following overall standings:

1 Charles HenryCH  597 points
2 Daniel FennDE  594 points
3 Richard SchaffenrothDE  593 points
4 Ymte SijbrandijNL  592 points
5 Werner KlompAT  591 points
9 Ian PerryGB  571 points
15 Brian RobertsonGB  549 points


Well done to the two top British participants in this gruelling weekend of racing.


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