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London based design team MassifCentral have launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for their Infographic Maker they call “The Massifier”, which is an online portal enabling cyclists and triathletes to create a memento of their sporting achievements as beautiful bespoke wall art.

Working in synergy with the world of fitness trackers and other wearables, the Massifier fuses together art and technology to make a fascinating infographic piece of wall art for cyclists, runners, triathletes and hikers who wish to have exceptional visuals of their unique data, whether that be a route or distance covered, a PB accomplished or even charity funding raised.

Established in 2014 by James Mason and Howard Smith, MassifCentral already has a solid reputation within its field, having produced artworks based on the Tour de France, the London & New York Marathons, Ride-100, Lands’ End-John O’Groats as well as hundreds of bespoke works. The latest venture of The Massifier seeks to democratise the space between Art and Tech by introducing the user directly into the design process;

“We want to develop an intuitive, user-controlled online portal that allows people to create their own MassifCentral bespoke wall art; easily pulling in their own GPX data, making choices about look and size from our carefully curated designs and adding their own thoughts and memories to an automatically populated geography. We will still print everything individually and pack and ship with the same love and care we do now” said MassifCentral’s Howard Smith.

“The (MassifCentral) Limited Edition 100th Tour de France print is awesome.”
Chris Froome, Three-time winner of the Tour de France

With an existing client and fan base that includes Leicester City FC, Rapha and three-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome, MassifCentral are confident that the month-long Kickstarter campaign will prove successful, not least because of its innovative approach, a first in Infographic Making.

The systematic process of collecting data so characteristic of this era takes on a new nuance, giving cultural credence to the surging popularity of Infographics, while furthering the tech evolution towards a totally customised consumer experience.

The origins of the business are far more analogue: hand-made infographic sketches of a 15 day-cycling trip made by five friends coalesced into a beautifully formulated design structure that in turn blossomed into what you today see as MassifCentral.

Now with crowd-funded development of their existing in-house infographic making software, MassifCentral are opening up the doors of their intensive processes to everyone and are well on their way to being able to transform the still labour-intensive bespoke design process into an accessible, cost-effective infographic making experience.


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