Lanzarote Ironman 2016


Registration is now open for one of the incredibly tough Ironman series of Triathlon events, with this one located on the northern edge of the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa, which takes place on May 21st. All Ironman events are demanding in the extreme, but the Lanzarote Ironman is considered by many to be oneof the toughest IRONMAN events in the world.

Participants will test their endurance across nearly four kilometres of open-ocean swimming, 180 kilometres of cycling over uneven land and a demanding marathon that leads them through volcanic landscapes and which offers 40 qualifying spots for the Hawaii World Championship, only worthy of true “men and women made of iron”.

Playa Grande, at Puerto del Carmen, is the island’s largest tourism centre and the setting of the swimming competition which kicks off the race, although the true challenge for the athletes, because of the typically strong winds, comes during the cycling event which takes participants around the island and sees them cover 180 kilometres and a total of 2,551 metres of elevation with stunning views.

The triathletes then leave their bikes behind and run 3 laps along the flat sea front of Puerto del Carmen, towards the airport and back, totalling 42 kilometres. If they have the time to look around as they run, there are some beautiful views of the ocean under the intense Lanzarote sun, while feeling the impressive support of thousands of spectators lining the streets.

Anybody who can complete an ironman triathlon is a true athlete. The top 40 – seen from my unfit position – get punished by qualifying for slots for the IRONMAN World Championships! Joking aside, I applaud these incredible people.



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