Leopards in the Urban Jungle


The leopard’s distinctive markings are a fantastic natural way to provide camouflage in the jungle. Thanks to Bookman in Sweden, cyclists in the urban jungle can give their bikes a great leopard like look. In daylight, the bike will look cool and unique and at night, instead of providing camouflage, will give superb visibility in street lighting or from an oncoming vehicle’s lights.

The stickers are made from a high visibility reflective film made from high quality 3M Scotchlite graphic film and are available in 3 colour options: black, yellow and white.

Mattis Bernstone, Bookman Creative Director, joked “We’re not promising that you will go faster but there’s a good chance you will.” 

Bookman has a number of retailers, and their innovative range of cycling products and accessories are available to order online. The company is based in Stockholm, which is a very bike friendly city. Five friends will different skill sets but with cycling in common came together to design and produce “urban bike accessories with a twist”. Looks like they succeeded with this range.

I’m undecided as to whether you should purr or growl if you decorate your bike with these – but I think a giant purr just about wins it.


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