Let Your Gut Feeling Guide You


My bike gets used for some commuting and in particular touring and the latter means that space on my handle bars is at a premium, with space for a bar bag, lights to be seen by and to see with, and a good old fashioned bell. I also squeeze in my Garmin, which is one extra thing to take off the bike when I park.

So a German innovation on Indiegogo caught eye: the feelSpace product is a “navigation belt”. It links via Bluetooth to your smartphone and gives a gentle vibration for left, straight on, or right.

We’ve seen some innovative approaches to navigation in recent weeks: First the Beeline and then the Haiku, both of which took an uncluttered approach to navigation.

In a busy urban environment, there must be advantages in not having to “study” a bike satnav for your route, so you can keep your eyes on the traffic. I’ve even seen a dubious internet claim that you have more nerve endings in your gut than your brain. But I’m not convinced that I would want to wear my navigation system as a belt while riding a bike.

As it can be worn under (some ofyour) clothes, is it more likely something you would wear it while walking through a town? It is not a good idea to be displaying a smart phone while walking in some urban areas as this can reportedly lead to muggings.

It’s a clever idea and it is doing well towards its flexible funding target, but my gut feeling is that $899 is not a price I’m going to pay. If you are tempted or are just plain curious about this concept, there’s more information online.



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