Lisbon Doubles Cycle Network


Here’s yet another example of major cities around the world getting the cycling and cycle infrastructure message: Lusa João Camolas, the press spokesperson for the municipality, has confirmed that more people are cycling as it is more practical as a means of transport, environmentally better, faster and cheaper, so the city’s goal is to develop other types of cycling solutions.

Lisbon’s 60km of Cycle Paths Will be Doubled by Next Summer

The current network of 60 kilometres of bike paths will be doubled and not just at some distant point in the future, but by the summer of next year: a lesson for huge numbers of politicians, that these things can be done – where there’s a will, there’s a way. This news was welcomed by José Manuel Caetano, the President of the FPCUB (Portuguese Federation of Cycle Tourism and Bicycle Users) saying that the expanded network will make the city more friendly and accessible for tourists, adding that “in the past tourists didn’t ask about bike rental, but now they do, which shows that the market is growing. I have no numbers to tell me that there are many more places to rent bikes, but not only in Portugal there is a tendency for them to occupy a place as a means of transport. It is a global trend.”

Bikeiberia is one of the city’s rental companies with around 100 bikes available for city use or in the hills outside the town, with e-bikes available as well. Rentals start from €14 per day and guided city tours are also available from €30.



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